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Uzbekistan soccer leagues, Uzbek football domestic cups

The Uzbek soccer league system, also known as the Uzbek football national league system, is a series of men's and women's association football clubs (FCs) in Uzbekistan. The system has a hierarchical format with promotion and relegation between leagues at different levels, allowing even the smallest club the theoretical possibility of ultimately rising to the very top of the system.

How many league divisions are there in Uzbek football domestic leagues? Domestic leagues: Top-tier national championship (may be called premier league or national league), first place (1st Division), second place (2nd Division), regional leagues and youth tournament. And Uzbek domestic cups: National Cup, League Cup and Uzbek Super Cup.

League / Competition League Level League Type
Uzbekistan - Super League 1 Domestic League
Uzbekistan - Pro League B 3 Domestic League
Uzbekistan - Pro League A Domestic League
Uzbekistan - Cup 1 Cup
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